Tune of the day- 03 Cobra swapped Foxbody

 This Foxbody is equipped w/ a 03 Cobra engine and a whipple supercharger. Also a 6r80 trans! 

Tune of the day- Dora the Ford Explorer

 Special episode of Dora the Ford Explorer. 5.4 swapped M122 blower etc... 

Tune of the Day-2013 Dodge Cummins

 Tune of the Day Dodge Cummins 

Tune of the Day- Factory Five Cobra Kit Car

 Tuning and driving a Cobra Kit Car w/ a 2014 Coyote engine 

Tune of the day- Ranger Prerunner

Ford Ranger Prerunner we did some work and installed and tuned Holley HP setup. 

shenanigans w/ Mo at Import Face off in Topeka

 Driving the golf cart around and purging the nitrous on people and a dyno pull on a ctsv wagon! 

Tune of the day- 1999 Dodge Ram 408 w/ a Procharger

 1999 Dodge Ram 408 w/ a Procharger 5-6psi This truck makes me think of the movie TWISTER!! 

Tune of the day- Ariel Atom

 Powered by a Cobalt SS supercharged engine 

Tune of the day- 72 K10

Tuning a 72 K10 chevy 5.3 w/ an LSA equipped with a Holley Dominator EFI 

Too many boostages

 TT Cobra put too much power down on this road hit. 

TT Cobra test hits

 Out making test hits in the TT cobra. Real Street Car doing real Street things! 

2018 GSXR 1000 on the Motorcyle Dyno

186whp on the motorcyle dyno

TT Cobra (IRS rearend) Yanks Tire on the Street

One of our shop cars. This TT Cobra has a 4r70 trans a IRS rear-end and yanks tire on the street w/ a water burnout on a 40 degree day!

Flow Testing a Nitrous System on Vehicle

Here we were flow testing a Nitrous System on vehicle to diagnose a Flow restriction.

Wanna make your own Race Prep? Tune-In here..

There are Lots of Great Pre-made Mixes out there. Just Buy-it and Try-it! However, for you Do-It-Yourself types, we teach you some little tips to start mixing your own!! Go out and do some testing to make it work for you.

Flow Testing Common Rail Diesel Injectors

Tune in here about having your Common Rail Diesel Injectors Flow Tested!

Ever had to deal with THOSE guys at Tech Support.. (comedy)

A Little Fun Video 

Don't Buy Cheap Injectors!

Informative Video about NOT buying Cheap Injectors!

AWD Dyno Pulls

Some AWD Dyno Pulls

Crowd gathered at one of our Mobile Dyno events

Crowd gathered at one of our Mobile Dyno events.