We Have Three Different Chassis Dynos


Mobile Chassis Dyno

Our Mobile Chassis Dyno is mounted in a trailer so we can take it to events and set it up pretty much anywhere! -One of the few in the nation and the only dyno in the area to handle above 2000whp!!
This Dyno is a Land & Sea Dynomite brand Dyno. 24" roller Inertia only, this dyno can handle over 2500hp!
(Twin-Turbo Car pictured, made over 2000whp!!) 


AWD Eddy Brake Loaded Dyno

Our Loaded Dyno can be ran in 2wd or AWD. -One of the only Loaded dyno's in the area!!
This Dyno is a Land & Sea Dynomite Brand Eddy Current Loaded Dyno. The dyno has a dynamic load cell and can properly simulate road and race track conditions for each vehicle. The dyno will load the rollers to the weight and aerodynamics of your vehicle giving a true road simulation. If we eliminate knock retard on the dyno, you should not experience it on the road or track. 


Mobile Motorcycle Dyno

Our Motorcycle Dyno is Mobile so we can take it pretty much anywhere! -one of the few in the nation!
This dyno is a Dayton Dyno and it is Inertia only. The front tire hold-down has a long adjustment on it, so we can handle even stretched bikes on this one!

Traction Grooves

Our L&S Dynomite Chassis Dyno's have machined in traction grooves to provide THE BEST traction on the dyno!

For repeat-ability, you must not have tire-slippage percentage entering into the equation. The major sources of rear wheel horsepower losses are due to tire to roll slippage and sidewall deformation. Both waste energy as heat transfers into the tires, rolls, and surrounding air.

Deformation is often worsened as operators strap the vehicle down harder, desperately trying to improve traction. Although the extra contact pressure reduces slip the once per revolution flexing of the tire over the roll eats up a good chunk of what was recovered by lowering the slippage - while inflicting hidden damage to the tire! 

Dyno Rental Rates

Our Mobile Events Fill-up FAST!! So be sure to Email us with your event request at: Lsxkilr@gmail.com